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The Advantages and Disadvantages about Campus Love


The Advantages and Disadvantages about Campus Love
Dai Changzhi Undergraduate NJFU


In today's colleges and universities, college campus love is a very

common phenomenon, and the average age of college students around the age of 20 is already legal citizens, adults protected by law and constraints. In sex, both psychological and physiological have maturity period. They are keen to love, and the Chinese university regulations, rules and regulations expressly provide that in school students can get married. Thus, college campus love this is beyond question. But love is followed by the ideas on the exclusive, volatility, so that endless quarrels between lovers, because the situation of the storm, dropped out of school, regret for life; to love, fight, bloody incidents occurred on campus. The two emotional cracks, vulnerable young people chose to commit suicide to escape soon broken romance. So these are for college students should have pure, loyal love painting on the sum of gray, so that the community in question: Should college students during their studies dating? So this article will to discuss the problem. About the advantages and disadvantages for campus love.

Key words: campus love, advantages, disadvantages, effects

Whether college students should fall in love, and the influence of the college students fall in love become one of the hot topic in society in recent years to talk about. Campus love has always been a hot topic in college students' education and

management and all of school leaders and students are very concerned about this. All kinds of related research articles are also common in newspapers and magazines. However, since a long time, people tend to focus their research on the description and analysis of advantages and disadvantages of campus love, with little further discusses the reasons of the pros and cons. 1. The advantages about campus love College life is memorable. College students are basically between 17-25 youth, they are all "purgatory( 炼 狱 )" after high school. To get into

a good university many students can have a relief because they will have a life change in university and this change includes their emotion. In fact, college students' love has many benefits. First of all, the love in the campus can increase a person's sense of responsibility and can make people from naive to mature, besides, enhance the social responsibility. Maybe you are lazy with love however he (she) don't like it, so that you might change for each other. That is to say the love in the campus can enhance people's sense of responsibility and make people from

immaturity to maturity. The sentence “Campus love can let lover both sides learn to take care of, considerate and tolerant of others”1 is said this means. “The advantages of campus love are full, and not to do some boring things, such as playing in class time which is like tractor landlords and play games, or back schoolbag go library heavy, nor in the athletic field on the ball torture. And another advantage is forge ahead, and not to fall behind very sad. Especially the desire for money so that they develop because they work hard and perseveringly style, every hour and moment are due to cash strapped turn roommate this miserable circumstances and sleep on the brushwood”.2 These sentences from internet say the advantages clearly that campus can bring the good aspect about full and forge ahead. So this shows that the advantages of

campus love are multi. Love as a form of interpersonal communication, also inevitably is moral constraints. The right love can make college students more respect for the equality of personality. Love each other to give each other freedom and happiness, we need to respect each other, each other whether to accept his love or refused, will give you love and are each other's freedom. In fact, university campuses were the touching love story. Nikkei, a university of a pair of men and women in love, male helium unfortunately suffering from leukemia, and has not left after girls know, she is more concerned about love boyfriend, and regardless of social talk, alone to passers-by in the street for money to her boyfriend. May say that they love is positive, a good thing, but also touch. 1. the disadvantages about campus love Campus love is good? It's not. College is a period of adolescence to make the transition to adult, the in the mind and physical is not completely mature, easy to create a temporary impulse. Some students in the interactions of the opposite sex can not accurately distinguish between friendship and love, easy to cause

misunderstanding, thus to bring trouble to both sides. Although college life is wonderful and we can relax appropriately, we should give priority to in order to learn. A man cannot spin and reel at the same time, since you're in loving. Some students mistakenly put love in the highest status of life, pursue love supreme doctrine, and wallow in the feelings of touching, which affect learning, which affect their future. An A big of A female body jump lake had drowned because of emotional

problems, it is A tragedy, this means that the contemporary college students' quality is not high in heart. Some college students falling in love is a kind of fashion, they think in the university don't fall in love just can't keep up with the pace of The Times, the result is no matter like it or not, whether or not the character and to, like chase, about love. They are "don't care everlasting, care once owned" only love as a joke; it will hurt each other, will also hurt yourself. “Most of the students involved with love are not strong enough to control themselv es, which will end up with serious consequences. For instance, more and more couple s of lovers started to live together. As a result, some girls got pregnant unexpectedly, a nd they have no choice but to quit her study”3 College students basically haven't ability to earn money and channels, basically are spending their parents' money. During the period of love, inevitable will increase spending. On Sundays, the university campus "even" will be a lot of them in senior restaurant, buy expensive things. They don't know what they are milking parents sweating! Some college students in choosing a lover based on whether rich, and you should know true love is not based on money. “College students fall in love the survival rate was only 1.5%. 50% against students learn better than marry well. 7.1% had love experience of the students had sexual behavior” 4 These data, from Changsha University is

the 4 "newspaper" reporter Lei Hongtao, Ding Qinqin, Zhao Shuang, Zhang Yu, in May to June survey 205 college students in 7 universities of Hunan province show the disadvantages for campus love.

For college campus love, we can not blindly, also can't arbitrary. We will use the right view. College students to set up correct view of love seconds to realize the positive impact brought by the love. Also want to recognize the negative impact of love. For college students, if meet and love in college and then to caress attentively, double cherish, should have the right love, deal with various relationships in love affairs, so you can have good future at the same time, also have a pure beautiful sweet love.

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